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The C.Palmer Project for Hope STC is situated on the North Side of the lush green Clarendon, Jamaica. Right on the border of Fearon and Tweedside.


The program is geared towards empowering young and middle aged persons who are interested in gaining skills in four training areas, namely, Welding, Furniture Making, Cosmetology, Beauty Therapy and Electrical Installation. This is a community-oriented program that trains and certifies people for world class standards.


The Project of Hope seeks to train and certify a workforce to international standards, stimulating employment, creating investments, contributing to the improved productivity, competencies and prosperity of individuals, enterprises and the nation.

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Meet Mr. Cartland Palmer

The Palmers are working to change the lives of young people in the community of Tweedside Clarendon, Jamaica. Mr. Palmer and his wife have committed themselves to assist in the development of this area in Jamaica.

The Palmers are determined to continue changing lives in Jamaica as God gives them the strength and resources to minister to the needs of the people in Clarendon, Jamaica. In the future, we are hoping to provide more computers, welding equipment, beauty service equipment, internet service and a more technologically-based environment.

Background & History

C.Palmer Project of Hope, Jamaica celebrated 10 years of operations in 2016 April. Mr. Cartland Palmer had worked hard for decades as a successful contractor and enjoyed the fruit of his labour in Canada. He and his wife Mildred were serving faithfully as elders at Queensway Cathedral in Toronto. With retirement in full view and their children grown and on their own, a practical course of action would have been for them to relax their pace and adjust to a new season- the beginning of their “golden years”.  However, they had long sensed God calling them to something more. They had an increasing burden for the young people of Jamaica, their country of origin, and knew that God wanted to use them to address the urgent need for skills training. Youth caught in a cycle of poverty would benefit from an opportunity to develop hidden talent and increase their chances for employment.

In 2005, the Palmers responded to God’s call, and in 2006 were formally appointed to Jamaica as Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC) global workers. With their own financing, they started the construction of the CPalmer Project of Hope Skills Training Centre, a 13,000-square feet facility, and subsequently enlisted additional financial aid from a number of Canadian churches and supporters. The school recently celebrated 10 years of operations. Hundreds of youths and adults, many of whom also first needed and received help with a stronger foundation in English and Mathematics, have been trained in areas such as Information Technology, Welding, Woodworking, Cosmetology and Office Administration. Courses in Electrical Installation, Computer Repairs, Webpage Design and Beauty Therapy have also now been introduced, increasing the capacity for each semester’s trainees to 140.


The unemployment rate in Jamaica is about 13.2% (April 2015, Statistical Institute of Jamaica), with youth unemployment more than twice the national route (38%). However, the Project of Hope offers youth from the communities served, a chance they would otherwise never receive- an opportunity to experience God’s love and concern for boasting their sense of purpose, self-esteem and optimism for the future. Heavy involvement of both Canadian PAOC churches such as Tweedside Baptist Church has ensured that the communities and students alike are also exposed to the gospel, an important influence in the operation of the school. Nine young people from the Queensway Cathedral held a two-day Vacation Bible School (VBS) there in the summer of 2015 with over 100 children from the school community.

Our Vision Statement

C.Palmer Project of Hope is a learner-centred community based technical and vocational education and training development institution that provides “hope” and a dream through lifelong learning to national and international standards that meet 21st Century workforce and community needs.

Our Mission Statement

C.Palmer Project of Hope provides opportunities for youth and adults to develop workplace competency through skills training and development that lead to employment and/or entrepreneurship, socio-economic development and community development.

Our Graduates

In July 2009 we boasted about our graduating class of 104 graduates who are now working at various universities and colleges and some have become entrepreneurs. Currently, there are over 150 learners at our main campus and four satellite centres in Clarendon and an academic staff of two coordinators, over 30 instructors and two ancillary members.

The centre has trained and certified over 500 learners in various skills. The lives of the graduates were transformed, a level of professsionalism was evident, and they were offered jobs in various fields.

Our Location

The Project of Hope Skills Training Centre is located on the beautiful island of Jamaica. Situated on the north side of the lush green Clarendon [at the border of Fearon and Tweedside], the project offers teams an opportunity to experience the Jamaican culture while participating in projects that will have lasting impressions. The Project of Hope is the perfect place to bring a team with its ease of access. If you are interested in finding out more about how you can get involved click our “GET INVOLVED” link below.

Our Story

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Roger Berg [Executive Director]

Phone: 416-255-0141 ext 209



Harwood, Tweedsite

Clarendon, Jamaica W.I.

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Cartland Palmer [Director]

Phone: 876-332-2113 / 465-3462 / 779-2983 email:

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